Wealth Management

QL is an independent provider of both discretionary and advisory investment management services to high-net worth individual and institutional investors in Asia.

QL Funds

The Macro Fund

The QL Macro Fund aims to achieve positive returns regardless of markets by mainly trading market risk products and derivatives based on the global economic cycle and macro policies. The Fund has no directional bias unlike traditional assets which have a clear tilt to the long side.

The Income Fund SPC

The QL Income Fund SPC manages tailor made fixed income strategies through its various segregated portfolios to generate high level of income with the potential to achieve capital growth.

For Professional Investors only. Investments involve risks. Like most funds, QL Funds does not have any guarantees. You may lose part or all of your investments. You should not make investment decisions solely based on this information. Prior to investing, please refer to the Memorandum of the Funds for details including risk factors. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.